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Being around the internet for almost half of my life, I've already seen tons of images that are very beautiful or just plain awesome. Most of it are taken by pro-photographers using their high-end DSLR's which I have always been dying to have.

So when had the guts, I went over to my Yi Biao Jie (elder maternal cousin) if I can borrow her D3100 for awhile. I was of course kind of hesitant, not because I think she might not lend me, but because I know that I'm not really that knowledgeable to use one— although I did have taken a basic photography class in journalism. Darn, I must be daydreaming that time. Sheesh

As you can see in the above picture, both of it are 'mirror shots' in which it covers my face. Why? well, one thing I've learned is that it's such a workout to take selca shots with DSLR's. It's too heavy and bulky to hold single-handed and front faced especially with shaky hands. Trust me, I tried. Blurry and overexposed shots come as result. Here's one:

[Speech Bubble] When will I lose weight? I want to wear my swimsuit so badly... Lhezs = =

So perhaps, I might just take pictures of places and inanimate objects other than myself. Cause you know, that's just too vain. Haha. And perhaps, the shots would come out much better :D 

So are there any of you fortunate people who own a DSLR?
or are you like me who still craves to have one?

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