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Ciao! I've been working all week learning new digital techniques. And one of them are making vexel Chibi's. I'm not much of an anime fan, just so you know. But chibi-fied versions of them don't fail in making me squeal!

Yesterday I did a failing version of me as Chibi. I'm not an expert in doing such especially the eyes so I called for help from my ever reliable DeviantArt friends :D (Sankyuuu~!) and don't even mention the shadowing (or cell-shading)
God, that part totally killed me. I'm such a doorNOOB in shadowing.

Well, being such a newbie, it literally took me hours to finish that. Still, I find it so fulfilling to finally create one! So perhaps I might be doing it a little often~ So how did it went? lets see:

What do you think? ^^ Let me know!

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