Sadako to Sunako

Posted by Lhezs On Thursday, March 10, 2011 | 8 Comments »

Hey everyone! Gosh, I've been gone so long didn't I?
Well, I'm coming back to show off my newly chopped bangs! Haha :D It's been ages since I got mine in blunt style, coz I've always had my bangs in side swept.

It's feels really good :] Now, I don't have to always put away my hair whenever it covers part of my face. After this change, I thought I would get away with people teasing me as Sadako Yamamura, but on contrary, they're now calling me Sunako Nakahara! LOL xD I like them (even they're kinda scary) 'cause I'm a big fan of The Ring and The Wallflower (I am a wallflower myself ^^) but I don't get why they call the names to me when I'm not the only one in our school having this kind of hair (there are a LOT actually) Haha!

Is it because that I have a mysterious and weird personality like theirs?
Or do I look ugly enough to be a ghost on TV? Haha. Well, IDK~ You be the judge~ Haha!