Oh My Good Golly Gosh~

Posted by Lhezs On Sunday, March 13, 2011 | 11 Comments »

Man, I'm sure you've all heard and seen the very unfortunate Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in Tokyo and Sendai Harbor. It has been all over the news since it happened last Friday... and it's really depressing to see the poor Japanese people struggle and suffer with the aftermath of the disaster >.< SO PLEASE LET US ALL PRAY FOR THEM and hope that they could get on faster from Mother Nature's test.

But on the sunny side of the story (and the BEST part)— School Ends! Woohoo!

Well no, school hasn't ended YET. But, it will in the following weeks! I don't even have to wait for that day 'cause all we are attending for is the review for the final exam. We aren't doing anything essential and basically just trolling everyday in our room. I love it! 'Cause NO SCHOOL means NO CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS (Uhm, I did mention that I suck at those subjects didn't I?)

Plus, it's SUMMER! (yeah, you could just tell it by how humid the weather is) So it's no need to put your smarty pants and intellectual awesomeness this time of the year :D

It's beach hopping baby!