Fried Day~!

Posted by Lhezs On Saturday, March 19, 2011 | 10 Comments »

It was fried day Friday yesterday and I was lazy enough not to attend school ^_~ I was left alone in our house watching TV, internet surfing and having a mini-concert in front of the mirror. It was all fun and exciting just when I felt hungry and didn't find any snack-worthy in the fridge. So after my crazy little moment, I went back at the kitchen and decided to cook~! So what did I decided to cook? well, nothing special but a classic Chinese food and one of my favorites— CHAO FAN! or fried rice :] Lucky enough, I found peas, corn bits, sausages and left-over rice in the kitchen.

Oh, I'm so sorry~~ >.< Poor chicky...

You want some? dig in!

Oh hail Starbucks ♥

 I'm NOT good at cooking, just so you know.
But when one gets hungry, you start to become your own masterchef!

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