Expectation Kills

Posted by Lhezs On Thursday, January 20, 2011 | 8 Comments »

We humans have this common tendency to think a lot about everything or for that matter about nothing. We tend to expect a lot from others. Parents expects from their children; teachers from their student, a friend from a friend, girlfriend to a boyfriend— and the list goes on. However, we always end up seeing ourselves in this whirlwind of hangups.

When it comes to career and success, I do think that it's okay to put some expectation since it just shows that you believe in yourself. Though when it comes to relationships among people, I think one should never ever expect anything from anyone, not even from someone you are closest to. The thing that happens is, we start making apprehensions so we often do our thinking from someone else's point of view. In the sense, that we start making assumptions on how he/she will react. And when it doesn't work the way we want, it hurts... it hurts big time.

It's these catches that kills you at the end. Its always easy to say "Don't Expect", but at the same time it is the most toughest thing "Not to Expect". Most especially when people give us some factors to expect onto. Somehow I have made my mind and I now simply don't expect anything from anyone. Perhaps, life would be more smooth.

Enjoy life to the fullest. That's the mantra.
Follow it, without any assumptions, and you will be the happiest person in this world.