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I was, and I still am

Our PC lost it's internet connection for a matter of days, and until now it hasn't came back yet T____T So unfortunately, I only borrowed some time to use my cousin's laptop today thus I also don't have any smilies in this post.

I was already about to open my goodies page last 5th of May (cuz it's the 1st month anniversary of my blog) yet, it was postponed to 'God knows when' because of the former problem.

Anyway, for the brighter side of the story:
I SAW U-KISS AGAIN IN NAIA TERMINAL AIRPORT last Saturday!!! Awww~ I went there very very early cuz I know the crowd would be crazy just like the moment Super Junior came! It was a bit milder than SuJu, but of course we were all startled to see the guys so you can just imagine how intense the adrenalin rushed in all of the Kiss Me's who came! Besides, I've already refunded my ticket to their concert due to tight school schedules so it's my only chance to see them once more!

Added to that is the fact that school had already started last 15th :) I already quit in the Special Science Program of our school, so I'm only in a regular class now. It was really tiring yet fun! I can't believe I'm a Junior now XD I came to meet a lot of new friends, but I admit, I'll sure miss the Linnaeus Judenites and those Singaporeans who always visit to observe us TT___________TT

Subjects were almost the same, though they added Chemistry, Physics and Trigonometry on the list. Hence, school time got longer X( it's now 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM so probably, it'll be much harder for me to blog more. Although, I can see it as a good opportunity to tell my mom an allowance increase! keke XD

Anyway, since I still don't have our connection back. I still don't know when I'll be able o reply tags, comments and such on my blog. Though thank you for those people who always visits here ♥ *BIG HUG* la-la-love to all of you!!! jia you~!

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