a lazy Thursday morning

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大家早上好 I am quite busy so I haven't had a follow up post for this week until today

Anyway, I woke up extra extra early this morning During vacation, most specially in summer, I usually get up at 11:00 to 12:00 o'clock regularly (wew~ talk about being lazy ) but my mom unexpectedly woke me up at 6:30 AM. And I was like "why?! *yawns* it's still 5 hours before I supposed to get up... I'm still sleepy ~~~" then my mom told me that she was about to take a bath, when she remembered that she haven't encoded some of her files yet, so she's asking me to do it while she's getting ready for work.

I hate the feeling of getting up so early~! It gives me massive headaches more than my Algebra class does But of course, even I was in a really pissed sleepy mood, I couldn't say no~ and that's the worse thing So yeah, I stood up and felt like the room is going round and round (bingeul-bingeul, bingeul-bingeul!) with my hair looking like it was struck by an extremely high-voltage of lightning My eyes were only half open while walking down the stairs in a really slow motion like a piggy-faced zombie

After I finished that typing job. I hurriedly went back to bed to try if I can still continue my sleep... but unfortunately, I couldn't~ and even if I do, I still can't continue my dream where 敖犬 (Ao Quan) and 王子 (Wang Zi) strangely appeared in

It was kinda weird since I haven't seen or heard much of them since 黑糖瑪奇朵 (Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo) and I have watched that drama for like 2 years ago~ 

Maybe these 2 LOLLIPOP boys are haunting me O.o saying things like: 

"You were once so loyal and a big fan of us~ but now all you shout is U-Kiss, U-Kiss, U-Kiss!! You never turned back to your Chinese roots and continue fangirling to those Korean sʎɐƃ¡¡"
...and that's the lamest narration ever... As if they would really say such thing...

Okay, where was I? I'm lost Oh, I remember now... so yeah, because I couldn't get to sleep again, I just went down and surfed the internet to added new songs on my phone and iTunes. That includes the Chinese Version of Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" Honestly, I was quite disappointed with the track when it was released in May 15 Even I was never a fan of Wonder Girls, I was still expecting for them to have a new single that is really butt-kicking good like most songs of the artists on the Electropop bandwagon. I'm not saying it sucks, don't get me wrong. I just feel that it sounds TOO 80's retro funky that's kinda awkward to most trends today , though I still gave it another chance since they have a version in Mandarin and the replacement member for Sunmi is Chinese
[HAE LIM'S PART IS THE BEST!] *cough* biased *cough*

Anyway, enough with the whining~ Well, most people who have heard it likes it very much, so I think it's just me, I'm too bitter! hahaha. But at least, we've heard the last of NOBODY already (God, that song bleeds to my ears!)

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