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I'm in a pretty good mood today! To begin with is that Aejhae's and I juat had our 2nd friendship anniversary yesterday! It's really a great achievement not only for both of us but also to our other best friend Shan She has been with me and Aejhae throughout the years, so even we haven't set any official date like this, for me she's also a part of it We're almost like a super trio you know hahaha. They're my pretty and awesome besties I love them so much! Looking at them makes me really proud of being a half Filipino

Anyway, here is a simple digital letter I made for a gift :)

该信是 Aejhae和Shanell。他们都是我的特别需要。因此,我希望他们会欣赏它

Added to that is the subbing request AsianMusicVideoHD asked me. Well, the admin of the channel contacted me through private message [050510] and asked if I can sub the Chinese version of Jiggy [by F.Cuz] The message goes:

Hi, I just saw your comment in Jiggy Chinese version ^^

Apparently you are Chinese?
I would like to sub this version too, but when Yao Yao was added, some people said that they remade the lyrics. So I'm not sure if it's right or not.

I would like to show you the English lyrics and know if you can change it to the new part etc?
Of course you can say no, but I would like to make everybody understand it ^^

I was surprised to receive the message, but of course also overwhelmed cuz someone like AsianMusicVideoHD which I've been subscribing in YT for a long time actually needed my help!

I wasn't hesitant doing such favor since I like the song Jiggy personally and it was my current LSS that time I even posted a video link on Facebook and described it like

 It was just kinda funny because I mentioned in there that "finally I wouldn't be needing some English subs this time" but I was wrong cuz I did need one, but not for myself though

Anyway, it was kind of hard interpreting their Chinese cuz there are few lines where their accent are quite strong... but it's not bad for non-Chinese speakers though. They actually did a great job

Well, watch the video for yourself It's cute and catchy... YeJun is my favorite Cuz he reminds of my forever oppa, Kevin In fact, I love his singing parts the most
[NOTE: My name appears @ 00:06 Just to let you know haha]

Don't forget to comment OK muahhh~!

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