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I guess I don't even have to tell how overdue my last post has been. Anyway, I've stopped blogging because I had to get a grip on my actual social life and I kinda enjoyed it. I do missed all of you. So please do reach out if you want to keep in touch :)


And HERE's my pseudo-secret Tumblr blog. (No longer as secret now)
Bye :)

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There had been so much going on lately so I had no time updating.
But just so you know, I'm still freaking alive and kicking! And as promised, I wanna share you all a quick glimpse from last month's vacation in the beautiful Camaya Coast.

 Before and On-board (I'm the creep in pink)

At the site and Hotel :D

Basically, I just showed you guys the scenic view of the place and excluded my rather scary and plain ugly shots. Including those in the banana boat ride which is just fun but horrific.
I love you all too much I don't want you to barf :)

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Hello everyone :D I just got back from our trip in Camaya Coast last Friday~ and before I even give you guys a sneak peak to it, I want to say that I've participated in Eun Mi-ssi's Site of the Month Contest for May. I haven't joined any contests for the past few years so I'm really
excited about this ^^ I hope you guys will support it and join too :D
- To participate in any of the blogskin/CSS related categories (marked with an asterisk), you must have made the blogskin yourself.
- Your blog must be able to be publicly viewed/not private (some blogs can not be read by people as they are private)
- No blogs/sites on hiatus or inactive.
- The banner must be in a visible place on your blog/site. (NOTE: You don't have to create a blog post about this contest if you don't want. But you can if you want to.) By the way, I know that the banner says May and it's only April, but that's because I was originally planning for the SOTM to be in May, but I've decided to hold it a little earlier, since I'm ready anyways, but note that the result may not be out until early May... I procrastinate a lot... ㅋㅋㅋ

How to apply:
- Please apply via tagboard or commenting on this post. Email is also accepted but not preferable (email @
- If you apply by email or comment, please remember to say your blog address, since some people have more than 1 blog, and it gets confusing... Thank you~

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners
- 3 runners-up (or 4th, 5th and 6th)
- A random draw winner (this will be picked randomly, and there will be two if there are more that 15 participants)
- Best CSS*
- Cutest blogskin*
- Most creative blogskin*
- Simplest blogskin*
- Most interesting posts
- Of course everyone who participates will also get a banner

EDIT: I'll upload some pictures of our vacation on my next post~ ^///^